Purple Love Emoji Keyboard

Purple Love Emoji Keyboard 1.0

Spice up your messaging

If you're getting bored of your phone, it can be tempting to switching it in for a newer model. Save yourself the time and cost of purchasing a new handset and give your smartphone a vibrant makeover with this Purple Love Emoji Keyboard app instead.

This stunning theme from Kika Keyboard will instantly transform any phone with a serene theme, packed with new emoticons and emojis to spice up your messaging. This eye-catching theme boasts a rich lavender and floral theme, perfect for taking your stress levels down a notch when using your favourite device.

You'll need the original Kika Keyboard base app downloaded to your phone before you add this theme, but once you're set, you can enjoy countless new features from the Purple Love Emoji Keyboard, and many more Kika Keyboard themes.

It's not just about aesthetics either; this keyboard has been expertly designed to streamline your messaging and revolutionize the way you type. Swipe the screen for easy access to your keyboard and easily personalize your screen size and keyboard components so you've always got access to the buttons and features you want. You can customize fonts, colours and wallpapers, leaving you with a desktop that you've always desired.

One of the best features of any Kika Keyboard theme is its ingenious improvements to spelling and dictionaries. You won't have to be embarrassed by accidental spelling errors or awkward auto-corrects anymore, with more intuitive responses, suggestions and corrections to what you type. With a smarter auto correct feature and support for over 60 individual dictionaries, this keyboard theme is loaded with all it needs to take your messaging to the next step, whatever language you're typing in.

Feeling lazy? With Purple Love Emoji Keyboard, you can make use of new and improved voice input for dictating your messages without the need for a single tap. But with so many emojis, emoticons and special symbols to browse and use, you'll want access to everything immediately, right at your fingertips. This app also lets you enter split-screen mode for keeping an eye on all your windows whilst typing, with one-hand keyboard arrangements to free up even more time.

Purple Love Emoji Keyboard


Purple Love Emoji Keyboard 1.0

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